HP Pavilion DV9700 Laptop LCD Inverter

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* This is a brand new HP Pavilion DV9700 Laptop LCD Inverter.
* We have carefully tested this item before shipment and guaranteed to work 100%.
* You are 100% sure that you get the inverter in conformity with the specifications.
* 100% quite compatible with original equipment and specifications.
* With 30-days money-back guarantee and six months warranty.
* Package Includes: 1 x HP Pavilion DV9700 inverter.

Compatible Models:
* HP Pavilion DV9700 laptop


Laptop inverter buyer guide:

How to tell if your HP Pavilion DV9700 Laptop LCD Inverter is broken?

Do you have a problem with the backlight on your HP Pavilion DV9700 laptop? That is one of the most common laptop problems. in most cases HP Pavilion DV9700 screen inverter is the culprit. here are some possible LCD screen backlight failure symptoms that could be related to a bad inverter board:

1. HP Pavilion DV9700 laptop boots as usual but after some time the screen blacks out. you can still see an image on the screen but it is very dim. you might even usea flashlight to see it better. sometimes the backlight comes back for a while but then goes off again. in some cases you can make the backlight turn on if you tap rapidly on the lid close switch.

2. HP Pavilion DV9700 laptop screen stays black and the backlight never comes on but you still can make out an image on the LCD. It is dark, but the image is still there.

3. In some cases you might hear a buzzing noise coming from the area where HP Pavilion DV9700 inverter board is located, it is on the bottom part of the display assembly.

4. HP Pavilion DV9700 laptop screen flashes on and off within 1/2 to 2 seconds.

5. Dark screen may be caused by HP Pavilion DV9700 inverter or ccfl backlight lamp, inverter is much easier to replace, we advise you to confirm or replace your HP Pavilion DV9700 Laptop LCD Inverter first.

How to choose a compatible inverter for your HP Pavilion DV9700 laptop?

Step1: First, please double check HP Pavilion DV9700 inverter is part number before purchase. If it is the same, then please feel free to buy. Part number is the most important thing for inverter compatiblity.

Step2: If you do not know the part number of your original HP Pavilion DV9700 Laptop LCD Inverter, please kindly check the compatible model list, LCD & LED screen brand and screen size.

Step3: If you do not know the above details at all, please kindly double check the appearance and screw hole of the inverter, if two HP Pavilion DV9700 Laptop LCD Inverter have the same shape, then you can feel free to buy too from our store www.laptopinverters.net.

For any type of concerns or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at laptop.partsy@gmail.com.